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Peake Childhood Center is pleased to announce that Ms. Alexandra Cromwell was selected to win a Terri Lynne Lokoff Teacher Award. This award was given to only 43 early childhood teachers across the country in recognition of the work that they do for the children in their classrooms. Childcare teachers from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and on U.S. Military bases and installations around the world are invited to apply for the award.

Ms. Cromwell has been a two-year-old teacher at Peake for five years and has worked in early childhood for over 8 years. She is a teacher leader who participates in professional development whenever possible and has provided professional development to others through the Tidewater Association for Early Childhood Education. She provides countless learning opportunities for the children in her class. These experiences include things  such as using trays of salt to practice handwriting, collecting snow as part of her sensory work, and creating folders to support her math activities. In addition to providing the children with dynamic learning experiences, she also works closely with their families, so they know how to support their children at home. She has developed a potty-training workshop for families and presents it annually at parent partnership meetings. Her love for the children in her classroom shines through every day and with every interaction.

Ms. Cromwell was awarded a cash prize and has also earned the opportunity for the Center to experience an author reading his book virtually to all the children as well as a re-recorded webinar library for six weeks and free virtual trainings.

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