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Technically, Peake Childhood Center is a year-round school but for the children’s enjoyment we call the months of July and August ‘Summer Camp’. No Summer Camp is complete without the adventures provided by field trips.

This Summer our students visited the beach, the farm, and a favorite local museum. At Buckroe Beach, we played at the water’s edge. We used science vocabulary and concepts while manipulating the sand into tall castles and elaborate buildings. At Bluebird Gap Farm, we learned about animals and their habitats. The playful goats were a group favorite! We worked on our math skills at The Mariner’s Museum and Park, with an outdoor story time about shapes followed by a scavenger hunt in the garden. We did the hokey pokey with our geometric shapes and finished the day with a visit to the museum’s model ship maker.

Field trips are an important piece of Peake’s holistic programming. For preschoolers, field trips create opportunities to build friendships, cultivate experiences with teachers, encourage divergent thinking and curiosity, reinforce learned subjects, and improve cultural awareness. These opportunities can produce long-lasting effects for preschoolers, including increased academic achievement and personal wellbeing. Aside from learning life skills, field trips also provide the opportunity for our students to explore and connect with their community. When children feel like a member of their community, they are more likely to become engaged citizens and neighbors as they mature.

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