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On February 24th, families and friends of Peake Childhood Center cheered for our students and staff via Facebook Live as we celebrated our fourth Annual Black History Parade. Each year, we march as a school to celebrate the achievements, fearlessness, and contributions of the prominent and hidden Black figures from yesterday and today. This year, our students and staff continued traditions by dressing as African American scientists, doctors, politicians, artists, athletes, authors, and more who changed or are changing the world. Questions like “Who are you ?” and statements like “I know who you are” transition into essential dialogues about the differences made by diverse leaders. So the parade gives us opportunities to honor those who came before us and learn how their actions enable us to navigate the way we do today.

We look forward to holding our Black History Parade in 2023 and hope you can join us. If you missed our live 2022 Black History Parade or wish to watch it again, you can still stream it on Facebook.

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