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From left, PCC students, Tiffany, Francie, and Carol pose to commence the completion of the mural.

On August 12th, 2022, local artist and Newport News Public School art teacher Tiffany Murchison finalized her mural at Peake Childhood Center. Just a month before, Tiffany met with PCC staff to discuss their vision for the space. It was agreed that the mural should be bright, playful, and embody a spirit of diversity. Now sitting colorfully in PCC’s recently completed and donor-funded Gross Motor Skills Room, the mural depicts children of diverse backgrounds and abilities learning together through play on a beautiful day outdoors. Tiffany did not have to take on this massive mural single-handedly, calling in help from retired educators Francie and Carol, who lent their talents to the cause. Thanks to these incredible women, our gross motor skills room is now not only functional but beautiful. View this mural and more by signing up for a tour of the Center. If you’re interested in touring the Center, please email our Development Director, Rachel Kuchta, at rkuchta@peakecc.org.

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