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Peake Childhood Center celebrated Peake students both past and present at a recent event titled “Red, White, and Blue & Alumni Too”. The main attraction of this event was a patriotic parade followed by outdoor activities. The cheering crowd was made up of current Peake families, alumni students and their families, and various community supporters and donors.

Leading the parade, our talented friends from Soundscapes played a rousing tune to get everyone excited. The Soundscapes pep band, led by Soundscapes Teaching Artists, included select students who practiced all year so they could share their memorized pieces at events such as this one. These students participate in Soundscapes after-school and in summer programs in Newport News.

Our students followed behind the band with instruments of their own making. As part of their curriculum study of music, our students crafted maracas and drums to play as they marched. Donned in red, white, and blue clothing, they marched, danced, and played along to the cheers of the crowd.

Following the parade, the pep band led our three- and four-year-old students from the parking lot to the nearby playground. The three-year-olds leapt into action, using the play structure and tricycle path. The American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) provided hands on S.T.E.M. activities for our four- and five-year-old students. They constructed functioning toy cars and rockets while talking about math and science concepts.

The adult attendees took time to mingle and observe the various student activities while enjoying a free beverage from the Mangata Coffee and Tea Truck. Peake Childhood Center is so grateful for the support of our community members who helped make the event successful.

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