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Project-based investigations are a great way to honor children as independent, capable learners. Children take the lead in their discoveries while asking and answering questions and having hands-on exploration.

For the month of January, our three-year-old classrooms investigated clothing. Discussing apparel and examining fabrics, children noticed how clothing often changes with the weather. They looked at pictures and talked about how it’s organized in stores and at home. Our teachers tied lessons about clothing in with skills related to literacy, math, science, and social studies. While investigating, Ms. Lew invited her Lemurs Class to use plastic needles to stitch items on to different fabrics. They discussed how the needle glides through different fabrics. As children began changing their wardrobes at home to match the chilly weather, Ms. Lew helped children build a box snowman in the classroom to dress in different winter gear. They discussed which clothing is best for hot/cold weather and which is best for wet/dry weather. Our children’s curiosity led the way, as their questions guided the clothing-related lessons throughout the month.

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