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Our two- and three-year-olds took some time to think outside of the box!

The recently completed box study held endless learning opportunities for our young students. The lessons included everything from cardboard rockets ships to three-dimensional art projects. Boxes took our children on amazing adventures and enabled them to explore imaginary worlds.

It may have looked like all fun and games, but box play includes some serious educational components, facilitating problem-solving, decision-making, and teamwork. This study gave children a meaningful way to exercise skills in literacy, geometry, the arts, and technology. Overall, playing with boxes was an excellent way for our students to learn and grow through hands-on exploration and creativity.

An interesting component of the box study is that the direction of the learn-through-play activities was driven by student curiosity. One class was very excited about cars, so they used boxes to build a racetrack and a car repair shop. Another class was full of questions about the labels and logos on their boxes. Their teacher helped them transform their dramatic play center into a shipping station. Presented with cardboard boxes, children had freedom to create their own play scenarios and explore their areas of interest.

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