Our Stories

Dark and damp. Soft and airy. We rarely think about how well these words fit together to describe the earth. That’s precisely the dedication to detail that Peake’s teachers uphold every day. Aligned with the STREAMin3 curriculum, our teachers combined the best of reading and science skills to study worms.

It all started with a book about worms. While exploring new vocabulary, the students improved their skills of critical inquiry. The teacher prompted them with questions: What did we learn about how worms move their bodies? What do you observe the worms doing now?

Later, classes gathered in the library to expand their learning with a hands-on science activity involving live worms. The students dug deeper – literally – into dirt, moss, and their minds to create the optimal biome for their new slimy friends. The teacher passionately led students to make observations and improve cognitive skills. The kids had a blast caring for their new classroom pets!

Peake is devoted to helping children build strong character and drawing sensible conclusions from their environment and in everyday learning. Experiments and activities like these give Peake’s kids the room to get curious, be creative, and embrace confidence in learning.

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